Sustainable is desirable

Quest is the thing

Of sobriety

homme noir recouvert de paillettes

Dear Orelsan, not sure you’re reading this, but regarding consumption, the quest counts as much as the arrival. The future of the planet is at stake.

As a child, I used to play in the fields as much as in the shelves, I dreamed like everyone else of abundance, comfort, possession and progress. Today, someone has turned on the light, opened our eyes and given us the bill for those carefree years. The price ? Sobriety.

From the Latin sobrietas – inviting temperance, prudence – originally moderation in eating and drinking – in short, restraint. Bland, beige, grey, lesser : less pleasure, less dreams, less brands, less dopamine. Welcome to the supermarkets of Handmaid’s Tale.


At Roseponsable, we have set out in search of a joyful sobriety, endowed with new imaginations that we, communicators, designers and brands, must wear. We try beige and grey with glitter, and it works ! Let’s make a place for joyful sobriety that sparkles and regenerates without exhausting the planet. Let’s create timeless designs and identities that are eco-anchored in history. Let’s explore eco-design solutions, let’s produce low carbon, let’s protect biodiversity, let’s promote inclusion, let’s free ourselves from the artifices of the world before… and let’s build a positive future with these new constraints.


You see Orelsan, the party’s not over, our quest for sobriety is not a punishment, it’s a delight in new creative opportunities. Simple, basic.

Portrait noir et blanc de Nadra Grandclaude, DGA Shortlinks

Nadra Grandclaude

Deputy of CEO Shortlinks

Photo ©Diego Sanchez



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Forget about anxiety – the future is coming in a blink, lead the change, and THINK PINK.