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the power of their innocence

Welcome to a Christmas among the Amish.

Homme Amish aux yeux vairons, les mains en prière

Welcome to the land of innocence, 

Welcome to an Amish Christmas.

Here there is no tree, no baubles, no tinsel, 

The Amish have kept Christmas in its original purity, they have not been guilty of give in to commercialism.  

The Amish did not commercialise Christmas. 

Here there is no Santa Claus, so there is no letter to him.

Here, we exchange small personalised gifts, which we have made ourselves. 

Here the children put on a unique show at school. A show that is open to people from outside the community, the only time of the year when it is possible.

The Amish celebrate Christmas in all innocence.

Here Christmas is about simply presenting yourself to the other, known or unknown, with just…sincerity. 

Sincerity, from Sin Cera in latin : without wax. 

Without wax, tell that to the Instagram filters, to the face swap apps, to fact checkers and to Donald Trump…

So you see, the Amish have given to me a great Christmas present : to remind me that our jobs are not to embellish, to make things sparkle and shine, to put a thin film on reality to make it look more beautiful, more exciting, more enchanting and any other superlative that is too great.

Our jobs is to reveal the truth of brands, the power of their innocence. 

Our jobs is to strike straight on the heart. Without wax.  

Thank you friends, let’s try to regain our innocence and continue to create value for brands by helping them deliver their best message, their most effective message : 

Their sincerity. 

Without wax.

Opinion pages by Thierry Astier – Independant creative consultant. 



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