Sustainable is desirable

courage of innocence

Celebrating childhood

petite fille asiatique une sucette à la main devant un tableau ardoise sur lequel sont dessinés de part et d'autre une paire de bras musclés

Tinsels under high voltage. This year, adults are running around like headless ducks, torn between tradition and reason, lost in this changing world. Can we still serve foie gras, should we turn into a holiday Amish, how to consume without guilt, what is our role in this irreversible quest for meaning ?

At Roseponsable, we have chosen to put childhood in the spotlight. To light a new way by making our simple little hearts beat strongly. This festive edition, dedicated to the superpowers of Innocence, wants to stimulate in each of us that part of our childhood genius, that free, trusting spirit, where creativity can only germinate. Our collective takes an enchanted look at some funny finds, questions responsible greed, and enlightens us with a sobriety… resolutely glittery ! Let us commit 2023 under the sign of the candid but optimistic courage of those who cultivate a regenerative, equitable and inclusive garden.

Let us rediscover an Innocence not devoid of meaning ! Happy holidays.

Portrait de Sabine Keinborg, CEO Shortlinks

Sabine Keinborg

CEO Shortlinks
Head of Sustainability
Team Creatif Group / B-Corp certified



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