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Is A.I. woke to diversity ?

Asics says GAME OVER

We all know that in 2023, the image of the male manager lugging around his billions of files and his size 34 corseted secretary is no longer acceptable.

AI still can’t seem to shake off these stereotypes: ask it to represent a doctor, a nurse, a CEO, or an athlete, and see the result. It’s disheartening!

This is where the Asics brand says: GAME OVER.

Fueled by biased data, AI has an unfortunate tendency to caricature the bodies of sports enthusiasts. It presents us with bodies that are muscular and tailored to fitness addicts. 

Asics is launching the very first anti-bias training program for AI. Its training program re-educates AI by incorporating new data: images of real people, diverse prompts, and customized codes, mirroring a realistic and fulfilling athletic practice. The machine, fueled by this new data, gradually corrects its course. Healthy!

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