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Innocent and responsible branding

Trois bouteilles de smoothie Innocent recouvert de leur bonnet tricoté

No more subterfuges, no more convolutions, the truth must be simple to be authentic.

This contrast can be seen by comparing 2 iconic brands of sincerity. Between the pure “Innocent” and the bobo-friendly “Michel et Augustin”, which one masters its virginity without bullshitting ? Who works on the content as well as the form ? The former has been able to renew the genre, while consolidating the substance (sourcing, industrial transformation, low carbon ambition, health innovations, BCorp). The second is struggling to reconnect with its fans, because it is not enough to put names and tell a story of start-ups to exist in the long term.

As designers of the positive, our role is to align the narrative with the real culture of the company : from its history to its news, from sourcing to communication, from B2B to B2C, here are 3 tips for innocent and responsible branding.

HONESTY – Innocence is honest. And imperfect. 

Sincerity in communication is your greatest weapon. You say what you do, you do what you say. If your path is clear and your vision solid, you can stand by it.

HUMANITYInnocence is humanistic. 

Whatever the field, if you celebrate otherness, diversity, life, the living things, and your purpose is to serve humans – you hold immense power.

POSITIVITY – Innocence is joyful.

It is not afraid, it is communicative. Your tone of voice will be all the more effective given that it is intimate. Lead humans towards more beauty and joy!



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Welcome to the land of innocence, welcome to a Christmas among the Amish. Here, there are no Christmas trees, no ornaments, no garlands.

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