Sustainable is desirable

Common sense is back

Good, Beautiful, True

The Platonic Triad – if people talked about it 24 centuries ago, there must be a reason, right?

For those who never found high school philosophy particularly thrilling, a quick reminder: Plato tells us that the True, the Good, and the Beautiful are interconnected ethics that should evolve in the same way: basically, having the “right ideas”. 

The “Bon” in French can be added to the equation, it refers to “common sense”: La Bonne Brosse, La Bonne Poêle by Atma,, are brands that simply express the pleasure of owning a qualitative long lasting, smart, and straightforward product – because embracing the “bon” should never be just a marketing ploy. Good consumption should always means buying for life and willing to pay for it. How many Teflon pans have we thrown away when a good stainless steel pan can cook generations of potatoes?

Buying a durable product and extending its use is our collective responsibility and a kind of homage to Plato, who already had it all figured out!



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Keys to soulcare

To pay attention, to look after one another, to care for the soul. These last few years, mindful cosmetics have started invading vanities and routines.

Candid brands

No more pretenses, no more convoluted marketing, the truth must be simple to be authentic. 3 tips for an innocent and responsible branding

Fast & Harmonious

Our creative industry involves high pressure, and our daily routine is driven by quality and productivity, 2 notions hard to combine when timings get mad.



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