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From PInk october to movember

To make it less dramatic in order to raise awareness

Femme brune à frange mimant une moustache avec une mèche de cheveux

In the aftermath of this wonderful month where colour marks a cause, we need to continue the action and remember that one in nine women is affected by breast cancer. Early detection is the first way to fight. The concept of the Pink Ribbon, originally created in 1992 by Estée Lauder, is now recognised as the international symbol of the early detection breast cancer awareness campaign.

Herbarium and its delightful “purposely drawn breasts” [pas traduisible pour reproduire le jeu de mot] herbariums cleverly twists and circumvents the girly pitfall of pink October

Asda (UK) uses a more trivial but no less effective approach: the retailer (a subsidiary of Walmart) modifies its sales receipts with illustrations of breasts. In English, the “bar codes” thus become educational “bra codes”, in favour of Breast Cancer Now

Herbiers et dessins encadrés représentants des seins pour Octobre Rose

Asda’s ‘Tickled Pink’ tickles where it hurts, and it works.

Ticket de caisse ASDA avec code barre illustrant des seins pour inviter les femmes a s'auto-palper, campagne Octobre Rose

#MixYourBoobs says it all! Educational, playful and very pop. Signed by NRJ Belgium.

Clara Luciani posant deux vinyls rose devant sa poitrine pour la campagne de sensibilisation #MixYourBoobs pour Octobre rose

The register of mobilisation that de-dramatises is efficient for causes with tragic potential, as proven this month by Movember where the wearing of a moustache is a sign of support for the prevention of male cancers. Action supported by Gillette, L’Oréal Men and Pringles. Humour to mobilise around a serious cause is decried by some, salutary for others. For us, it’s all a question of dosage. “All words are fine when the moustache is fine,” said Edmond Rostand in Cyrano. Let’s all get naked for this month’s challenge – let’s all Move for Movember!

Campagne Movember composée de six portraits en noir et blanc d'hommes portant la moustache


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Is A.I woke to diversity ?

Fueled by biased data, AI has an unfortunate tendency to caricature the bodies of sports enthusiasts, and it’s here that the brand Asics says: GAME OVER.

May the force of diversity be with you

Social Issue or Woke Trend?
Gender, disability, age, LGBT+, social and cultural diversity…May the force of diversity be with you.

APEF, let food bloom

The endive growers have one key notion in common : their legacy. Passing the agricultural and local know-how from one hand to another, from human to human, therefore ensuring the sustainability of the art of growing, farming and harvesting is one of the many reasons their stories are so special.



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