Sustainable is desirable


New narrative

Like a cry against overconsumption, this issue screams our desire to reshape the collective narratives* of consumption. Therapeutic. 

Rich in inspirations to break free from the culture of appearances, unconsciousness, possession, and competition. Poetic for those who want to continue to see life through rose-colored glasses.

In life, there are no solutions, only forces in motion,” said Saint-Exupéry. Let’s join these driving forces, add them together, resist individualism, and joyfully carry the new narrative of conscious and enlightened consumption. Choose better what you buy, waste less food and goods, eat better, awaken to solidarity—is not vain. It’s about developing the discerning spirit of homo sapiens sapiens (roughly : human who knows he knows). 

These serious challenges call for design and communication experts, who don’t consider consumers as fools.

Let’s design intelligent, positive, and poetic concepts and narratives for brands and companies daring to scream for more responsibility in the marketing industry !

*By joining the #NewImaginaries journey of the CEC, we work to lead an irresistible shift from extractive economy to regenerative economy.

Portrait de Sabine Keinborg, CEO Shortlinks

Sabine Keinborg

CEO Shortlinks
Head of Sustainability
Team Creatif Group / B-Corp certified

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Timeless Trust

How do brands succeed in building trust?
Here’s a simple equation we follow: Add Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy and divide by self-interest.

Time is a force a good

For agencies, a new era is rising, where eco-design, low-carbon production, slow contents, caring purposes, accessible digital cannot just be empty promises.

Candid brands

No more pretenses, no more convoluted marketing, the truth must be simple to be authentic. 3 tips for an innocent and responsible branding



We support companies and brands through a roseponsable and holistic experience, starting from purpose, to narratives, design, communication and activation. 

Forget about anxiety – the future is coming in a blink, lead the change, and THINK PINK.