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Holistic branding

Alignement de trois rangs de cravates à motifs variés et multicolores

Branding is a profession that is more than 50 years old, some love it, others hate it, like the much-maligned “consumer society” that fuels all kinds of fantasies.

Coke is the best-selling brand in the world, Saint-Michel is the favourite of the French – they speak to us and spread values, it would be utopian to think that they will disappear in 10 years. The “no logo” asceticism advocated by Naomi Klein (more recently erected as “happy sobriety”) does not seduce. However, the “no limits” of our professions must stop, to make way for more truth.

It is our duty to think better about the brands that must find their rightful place in the ecosystem they operate in less than 10 years.

“From producer to consumer, our focus needs to change and our sense of responsibility needs to increase.”

Portrait noir et blanc de Nadra Grandclaude, DGA Shortlinks

Nadra Grandclaude

Deputy CEO Shortlinks

For the living, for the planet, and for society as a whole. If some brands continue to obey the vertical, siloed and short-termist scheme of the “mad men”, it is urgent to inscribe our professions in a holistic vision of branding.

A vision where from field to plate, from shelf to smartphone, the experience is global. Let’s take the time to get the fundamentals of narrative design right, to create the big idea that will shine through and last on all the touch points.

As in nature, let’s take the time to grow sustainable brands that can be enjoyed in a multi-sensory way, and let’s choose to provide useful and happy experiences for consumers.

Photo ©Tim Mossholder



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