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Pink is fluffy. Really ?

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Fluffy pink? As designers know, every colour has a vibrancy and meaning that evolves with society, its technological advances and the mood of the times. Did you know that during the Renaissance, red wood from Brazil was used to fix the colour pink on textiles? Aristocratic men’s fashion took hold of it, attributing to it a symbol of power and virility.

Since the advent of the consumer society, the mood has changed: pink is the colour of girls. Dresses, toys, razors, products sold to girls and women, everything pink everywhere. This led to the “pink tax” (mixed products such as deodorants, shavers marketed and sold more expensively to women).  Barbie, Pink Lady, Pink Paradise… colour branding plays on its girly evocations. Since the 2010s, there has been a gradual paradigm shift: out with the gendered pink, in with the daring, shocking pink!

At Shortlinks, we have the same ambition: to wear pink proudly without making it a gender issue, to capitalise on its enthusiasm and vibrancy, to embark the world towards the eco-citizen transition.



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APEF, let food bloom

The endive growers have one key notion in common : their legacy. Passing the agricultural and local know-how from one hand to another, from human to human, therefore ensuring the sustainability of the art of growing, farming and harvesting is one of the many reasons their stories are so special.

Keys to soulcare

To pay attention, to look after one another, to care for the soul. These last few years, mindful cosmetics have started invading vanities and routines.

The end of Mad Men

For the sake of living beings, the planet, and society as a whole, it is urgent to incorporate a holistic vision of branding into our professions.



We support companies and brands through a roseponsable and holistic experience, starting from purpose, to narratives, design, communication and activation. 

Forget about anxiety – the future is coming in a blink, lead the change, and THINK PINK.