Sustainable is desirable

The sustainable dandy makes digital its thing.

Designer for the planet, not just for the eyes

personne dans un champs tenant un miroir rond devant son visage

The Affaire du siècle invites us to blossom an eternal spring on our screens. Web eco-design is becoming a necessary approach to showcase sustainability in a constantly evolving world, where the environmental impact of digital technology is concerning.

If Earth is on fire, let’s look in the mirror and reason our creativity by putting our ability to innovate to the test without ever letting our commitment to the environment wither. 

Embodying the elegance of progress

Like “sustainable dandy,” free thinkers in Frenglish and firmly committed to veganism, creative studios are at the forefront of tech to bring ethical and aesthetic projects to life.

Choosing eco-design makes us agents of change, ready to meet the exciting challenge of reconciling environmental and commercial issues to build a more sustainable, ethical, and beautiful digital world that is accessible to all.

A green way of web design

Optimizing our digital products throughout their lifecycle by reducing their carbon footprint and offering a seamless user experience is a delicate balance between technology and eco-responsibility, creation, and preservation.

Goodbye flashy animations and infinite scrolls; now, trendiness and common sense are singing “less is more” in unison on the webwaves.

More than a destination, eco-design is a direction, a daily commitment, and a call to continuous action aimed at adopting more regenerative practices, moving towards more responsible use of resources, and promoting more eco-conscious communication. There are no small actions, only beautiful ones.

Tech with good manners, that’s the motto of the dandy of web.



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Quest is the thing

You see, Orelsan, the party is not over, our quest for sobriety is not a punishment, it revels in new creative opportunities. Simple, basic.

The art of delicacy

A blissful encounter between our vision and that of Amer Musa was drawn before our eyes – and our chevrons became his Muse.

Accelerate Hope

Sacré frenchies! Incredibly pessimistic, yet inventors of the eco-optimism concept. Is it because the French worship effortless pleasures …?



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