Sustainable is desirable

The art of delicacy

Amer Musa

Art liberates and aligns. In a society where everything is rationalized, only the artist disregards constraints and opens new paths.

Canson paper, pens, pencils… A blessed encounter between our vision and that of Amer Musa unfolded before our eyes – and our chevrons became his Muse. In all his cheerful sobriety, he took hold of our lines to create the pattern for the Roseponsable T-shirt. A unique movement of our chevrons, surrounding the sun and the moon, thus creating an ecosystem of life. And what do you see? In our professions, it is important to keep our feet on the ground but also to know how to be carried away by the artistic flow.

Amer Musa, a 30-year-old Sudanese artist represented by Elaine Harris, is a must-follow on Instagram.

In our professions, which are dominated by stock images, let us give space to illustrators, photographers from here and there, contemporary writers and poets. Their power is to create distinctive and uncommon identities. Let us be amazed by their new breath – let us admire and open ourselves to what everyone’s imagination can generate. Promoting the purchase of custom-made art is to proudly uphold Matisse’s motto “Creativity takes courage”.



Keep in touch and stay Roseponsable


Cultivate diversity

As a team, let’s uproot biases and create safe spaces so that every message recipient is no longer confined to a targetable subsegment but has the status of a heard and understood individual.

The plate of the future

What will we be eating in 10 years? A futuristic projection on the plate of 2033, the white paper that sees food through rose-colored glasses.

Quest is the thing

You see, Orelsan, the party is not over, our quest for sobriety is not a punishment, it revels in new creative opportunities. Simple, basic.



We support companies and brands through a roseponsable and holistic experience, starting from purpose, to narratives, design, communication and activation. 

Forget about anxiety – the future is coming in a blink, lead the change, and THINK PINK.