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photographie d'une horloge sur fond iridescent

Digital designer Jack Hugues rocks the clock of our circadian rhythm.

Through his experiment, Hugues “transforms time into a sublime spectrum of colors”,  with impact on our mood. He challenges the self-regulation of our circadian rhythm disorders, a hot topic for our overstimulated lives. Alarming!


Oh! To take some time to witness the change of colors on the clock – and have you ever thought about what a second really looks like ? Hugues keeps on amazing us with his perception of time like watching paint dry, but in a good way. 


Feeling a little blue or turning pink – we are all mixed up in our biological body clocks. Research on colors could help regulate disturbed natural central systems in our speedy society.

Inspiring for well-being brands who want to reset clockwise!

Photo ©Ann Poan



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