Sustainable is desirable

pink is the new green

"L'affaire du siècle"

Haltere en plastique rose translucide contenant des fleurs

Is green still the colour of the ecological cause? Overused, it no longer succeeds in getting people on board…

So how can we get involved in this “affair of the century”, and embody the virtues of this ecological transition with enthusiasm? Let us opt for a new posture that makes the eco-citizen transition desirable and joyful. Let’s choose a vibrant magenta, a “Tyrian pink” that “pulls” us forward!

Responsibility is more than a necessity, it is a vital impatience. It is the responsibility of preserving life, of inventing new imaginaries, which open up new paths between the “carefree consumption” of the 1980s and the “happy sobriety” of the future. Let us be wary of radicalism and good conscience, let us learn to do better, and let us cultivate and communicate well.

A role we take all the more seriously because as a B-Corp we are guiding our clients towards a more inclusive and regenerative future.

Fellow designers, communicators and brand companies, let’s get away from the soothing and moralising CSR speeches, let’s take up the challenge of positive narrative design, and let’s colour a “purpose driven” future with pink responsibility, where shimmering invites change. Let’s savour the renewal this autumn, this “Flower Power” that makes us want to lead our profession towards a positive impact every day. Let’s explore the field of possibilities, let’s take a step back, let’s cultivate our garden, to build a Roseponsible future together!

Portrait de Sabine Keinborg, CEO Shortlinks

Sabine Keinborg

CEO Shortlinks
Head of Sustainability
Team Creatif Group / B-Corp certified



Keep in touch and stay Roseponsable


Timeless Trust

How do brands succeed in building trust?
Here’s a simple equation we follow: Add Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy and divide by self-interest.

Cultivate diversity

As a team, let’s uproot biases and create safe spaces so that every message recipient is no longer confined to a targetable subsegment but has the status of a heard and understood individual.

From me to we

Brands and companies must address benevolence in all its dimensions to reveal their social utility.



We support companies and brands through a roseponsable and holistic experience, starting from purpose, to narratives, design, communication and activation. 

Forget about anxiety – the future is coming in a blink, lead the change, and THINK PINK.