Sustainable is desirable

CultivATE diversity

No stereotypes in nature.

A bed of pink water lilies to illustrate that gender fluidity exists in nature

As communication professionals, we are aware of the impact of our messages, from marketing to design.

While we strive to create common ground, we are often victims of our own cognitive biases, not always realizing the many biases, both hidden and cultivated, that surface in the creative field, where shortcuts emerge daily. Let’s not deny them!

Let’s be aware of them. Recognizing this reality is the first step in cultivating inclusive communication.

At Shortlinks, like enlightened cultivators, we work to decipher the origin of these biases and make them more manageable.

In our teams at Shortlinks, diversity is like permaculture, with our differences enriching the soil.

Together, let’s uproot biases and create safe spaces so that every message recipient is no longer confined to a targetable subsegment but has the status of a heard and understood individual. And at all levels, let’s pay special attention to representing genders, cultures, social backgrounds, ages, and disabilities.

Together, let’s nurture inclusive and joyful campaigns, which unite us and pave the way for sustainable and desirable tomorrows, for everyone!

— The water lily, gender fluid, blooms as female on the first day, closes and reopens as male the next.

Portrait noir et blanc de Nadra Grandclaude, DGA Shortlinks

Nadra Grandclaude

Deputy CEO Shortlinks



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Age-targeting is dead

Focusing our targeting on consumers’ life experiences rather than age, now that’s an interesting novelty!


Original release series aren’t for everyone. 8 to 12% of the world’s population is dyslexic, and reading subtitles can be very tricky.
We’re delighted with this unique and inclusive innovation : Dystitles

Keys to soulcare

To pay attention, to look after one another, to care for the soul. These last few years, mindful cosmetics have started invading vanities and routines.



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