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Sông Cài distills the spirit of Vietnam

bouteille de Gin Song Cai immergée dans une rivière

Wine, whiskies, spirits of all kinds have always honored time. From sourcing to tasting, quality takes time at each step. The longer you wait, the better it gets. In a fast and furious world, long-lasting brands who take time to do it right are more appealing than ever.

Here’s our latest great find from Winexpo Paris 2023: Sông Cài, the first-of-its-kind Vietnamese Gin – Dry and Floral- claiming a concept of ethnobotany (botanicals from local terroir, where land and people are connected) and long-standing farming. Every tiny detail is crafted with both sublime refinement and respect to nature and people.

The name Sông Cài translates to “Mother River”, paying homage to the cradle of Vietnamese civilization, as well as to the distinctly Vietnamese spiritual relationship to the land: all things come from and are interwoven with nature. Cheers!



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