Sustainable is desirable

less bad
more good

Rule #5 for a roseponsable communication

“Two sides of the same coin!” as Benji would say.*

It’s time to tackle real problems, not to fix reality with carbon offsets.

By putting innovation and responsible design at the core, we can truly change behaviors and the paradigms of overconsumption.

An archetypal example: laundry detergent in a plastic jug.

Less bad = refillable pouches

More good = laundry sheets

Dr. Beckmann’s “Magic Sheets” strip away all the inconveniences and ensure 80% less plastic waste compared to traditional liquid detergents in plastic bottles (for a comparable number of washes). 

*The motto of our friend Benjamin Enault, Founder of The Sense Activist



Keep in touch and stay Roseponsable


The new wave of coffee

Sustainable coffee has long been driven by fairtrade promises. It is not enough when you consider its carbon footprint. One cup is equivalent to 2 km of driving!

The art of delicacy

A blissful encounter between our vision and that of Amer Musa was drawn before our eyes – and our chevrons became his Muse.

Caring for all

Diversity, equity, and inclusion of people with disabilities are at the heart of tomorrow’s world. Easier said than done!



En alliant intelligence collective, création poétique et responsabilité nous proposons une approche durable et désirable de votre identité et de votre communication « Roseponsable ».





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