Sustainable is desirable

dopamine detox

A life spent stroking a glass screen*

A new notion is born (again).

Instagram at breakfast, Facebook during lunch, WhatsApp in a constant stream, and X in the middle of the night.

Screens fill our days, primarily due to social media, the realm of abundant dopamine: algorithms built on a reward system and over-diffusion of content (likes and shares as validation mechanisms, an ever-increasing quest for notoriety, messages, notifications…).

Stop swiping, try dopamine detox. Reconnect with the outside world without a phone, without the Internet, open a book, write your shopping list on a piece of paper, cook with friends, or meditate. Like a difficult but necessary fast, dopamine detox is the key to indulging life in all its simplicity. It’s also a consideration that all brands should undertake to respect the health of their followers!

*Based on Alain Damasio’s words




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Pink is the new green

Is green still the color of the ecological cause? Let’s adopt a new posture that makes the eco-citizen transition desirable.

Christmas Rebel Rebel

Overconsumption, excessive gifts, and upset stomachs. What if the menu for the holiday season became our weapon of rebellion?

Is A.I woke to diversity ?

Fueled by biased data, AI has an unfortunate tendency to caricature the bodies of sports enthusiasts, and it’s here that the brand Asics says: GAME OVER.



Original release series aren’t for everyone. 8 to 12% of the world’s population is dyslexic, and reading subtitles can be very tricky…

Eco retrograde

The DIY trend goes back to the old days. Unfortunately sobriety brings back “trad wives,” who rely on traditional and sexist images, revealing a darker reality.

The end of Mad Men

For the sake of living beings, the planet, and society as a whole, it is urgent to incorporate a holistic vision of branding into our professions.



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