Sustainable is desirable

Fast & harmonious


Our creative industry involves high pressure, and our daily routine is driven by quality and productivity, 2 notions hard to combine when timings get mad.

Waiting is no longer accepted, anticipation is rare, impatience is the norm, slow is mediocre. Fast is requested and furious is totally accepted (by the way did we really need those 10 “Fast and Furious” opuses ?)

Although it is tempting to deliver at high speed, creativity takes time, like a good wine, it needs to decant. 

At Shortlinks, we take quality time to listen and profoundly understand your story, your fundamentals, your culture, and your vision. We deliver a meaningful audit, from latin auditus “a hearing, a listening”.

At Shortlinks, we deliver quality in creativity from a big idea to all touchpoints, we care and refine the execution of our narrative designs. 

At Shortlinks, we bring quality in commercial relationships, driven by empathy, open mindedness and accuracy.

We work Fast but not Furious.

We practice Fast & Harmonious !

Portrait noir et blanc de Nadra Grandclaude, DGA Shortlinks

Nadra Grandclaude

Deputy CEO Shortlinks



Keep in touch and stay Roseponsable


we care for more than hair

Digitalisation and ecological impact are at the heart of the major transformations in the hairdressing sector.

From Pink October to Movember

From Pink October to Movember, to effectively carry a message and mobilize and raise awareness behind it, we must first take away the drama and make it less intimidating.

Cultivate diversity

As a team, let’s uproot biases and create safe spaces so that every message recipient is no longer confined to a targetable subsegment but has the status of a heard and understood individual.



We support companies and brands through a roseponsable and holistic experience, starting from purpose, to narratives, design, communication and activation. 

Forget about anxiety – the future is coming in a blink, lead the change, and THINK PINK.