Sustainable is desirable

Dear Santa CLAUS

Our 3 faves

Soutien-gorge en crochet de la marque de lingerie upcyclée Napperon

At the end of the year, we are combining festivities and sobriety – spangled, of course. We promise, this time your gifts can surprise without damaging the planet. 

Our 3 favorites ultra Roseponsable for Christmas, it’s a gift : 

Make-up : biodegradable glitter dust !

The pretty little  family story of Si Si La Paillette, the glitter girls of parisian nights! The glitter-mania dresses in sustainable with the bioplastic… Who’d have thought? This year, we are asking for more glittery sobriety – biodegradable, of course!

Kit Si Si la paillette
Deux figurines hoptimist du designer danois Gustav Ehrenreich

Design object : long live the hoptimists

Danish designer Hans Gustav Ehrenreich created this spring movement in the 1960s, with the very first pair of Hoptimists Bimble et Bumble. 

The distorted version of reindeer twists our traditional Christmas tree.

Lingerie : doilies turned upside down !

What if your grandmothers’ old doilies ended up on the butts of today’s cool souls ? 

Napperon, the full upcycling lingerie brand that turns us upside down, imagine this concept a little bit dirty and completely offbeat. Obviously, we love it.

Soutien-gorge en crochet de la marque de lingerie upcyclée Napperon



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The end of Mad Men

For the sake of living beings, the planet, and society as a whole, it is urgent to incorporate a holistic vision of branding into our professions.

Edgy Veggie

Panic among meat lovers, beef steak threatened by the arrival of very good “meat analogues”! Meat is hooked on punk.

The courage of innocence

At Roseponsable, we have chosen to celebrate childhood. We light up a new path by making our little simple hearts beat strongly.



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