Sustainable is desirable

The sherpas
of conscious

The weight of consciousness

Who should bear the backpack of responsible consumption?

Politicians, businesses, consumers? We are tempted to say all three – but it is certain that businesses, which we hope are less ambivalent than politicians and richer in resources than consumers, can carry a heavier, more robust backpack. When we say backpack, we can’t help but think of the master of sherpas: Patagonia.

The brand has never existed to be beautiful but to be functional, designing durable and technical clothing to be in harmony with nature. A healthy and sensible platform. Today, with “Fashion is none of our business“, the brand once again goes against a world that lives to the rhythm of fashion, instead of nature. Brilliant when you think about it, because the brand creates trends by stating it never aimed to do so.

If sherpas are the unsung heroes without ego who conquered Everest, let’s bet on collective mobilization to climb the mountain of new consumption!

Frédéric Lohnert

Strategic planner

Photo ©Patagonia



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No taste for food waste

Throwing away food is always painful; we always try to do something with spoiled food to waste as little as possible. French toast is a perfect example of this.

New consumption, new narrative

“In life, there are no solutions, only forces in motion,” said Saint-Exupéry. Let’s join these driving forces, add them together, resist individualism…

Trust takes time

Time is a relative concept. But when performance drives lives, we tend to accelerate and compress timings. Trust takes time.



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