APEF, let food bloom

Portrait en noir et blanc d'un producteur d'endives

The endive growers have one key notion in common : their legacy. Passing the agricultural and local know-how from one hand to another, from human to human, therefore ensuring the sustainability of the art of growing, farming and harvesting is one of the many reasons their stories are so special.

we care for more than hair

personne aux cheveux courts rose recevant une coupe à la tondeuse

Digitalisation and ecological impact are at the heart of the major transformations in the hairdressing sector.

Caring for all

Jeune femme aux cheveux bleus accoudée portant une prothèse au bras gauche

Diversity, equity, and inclusion of people with disabilities are at the heart of tomorrow’s world. Easier said than done!

The plate of the future

Couverture du livre blanc "Dans l'assiette de 2033"

What will we be eating in 10 years? A futuristic projection on the plate of 2033, the white paper that sees food through rose-colored glasses.

Edgy Veggie

Steak vegan de la marque Accro

Panic among meat lovers, beef steak threatened by the arrival of very good “meat analogues”! Meat is hooked on punk.