The sherpas of conscious consumption

Who should bear the backpack of responsible consumption? Politicians, businesses, consumers? We are tempted to say all three – but it is certain that businesses can carry a heavier, more robust backpack…


Exemple de la typo dystitles créée par betc pour Canal +

Original release series aren’t for everyone. 8 to 12% of the world’s population is dyslexic, and reading subtitles can be very tricky…

Is A.I woke to diversity ?

Fueled by biased data, AI has an unfortunate tendency to caricature the bodies of sports enthusiasts, and it’s here that the brand Asics says: GAME OVER.

Colorclock your mood

photographie d'une horloge sur fond iridescent

Digital designer Jack Hugues rocks the clock of our circadian rhythm.
Through his experiment, Hugues “transforms time into a sublime spectrum of colors”

Candid brands

Trois bouteilles de smoothie Innocent recouvert de leur bonnet tricoté

No more pretenses, no more convoluted marketing, the truth must be simple to be authentic. 3 tips for an innocent and responsible branding

The Power of Their Innocence

Homme Amish aux yeux vairons, les mains en prière

Welcome to the land of innocence, welcome to a Christmas among the Amish. Here, there are no Christmas trees, no ornaments, no garlands.

Rose Eye

lunettes mixtes monture doré verres rose

Goodbye gendered pink, hello shocking pink that dares to stand out! Its enthusiastic vibration is leading the world towards an eco-citizen transition.